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Friday, 13 April 2012

Noble 6

Well, i could consider la Noble 6. I guess so...whenever he's not there, he send the books or what, i'll just feel a little sadnest in my heart... Well, without you, for me, thinks that the class is not fun...

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


            Yesterday, was just the worse day ever in my whole entire life. I got scolded, i was sick, and i cried. All this time, i thought when i place my studies first and scored well, my mom would say the word. The nicest word she's ever said to me. All this while, my mom have never said anything nice to me. Not even the 3 special word: I love You. Every single time my mom scolds me, i will say this in my heart, " Every single thing i do is all wrong. All my brothers do all correct. Yalah, i'm the only one wrong. All is my my mistakes. Never once you care about me!" But, I know I can never tell her that right in her face.  Because, someday, she will say it. I just knew it. Like people says, 'Which mother don't love her daughter'.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Girls Generation: The Boys

Boring Holidays...

            The December's Holidays aren't really fun. I was banned from playing with my friends. I am just staying at home, watching televisions and playing computer games. Hate the HOLIDAYS!!! Normally, when the holidays, we whole family will go out together. But this year no... just because my dad found a new job; driving his taxi. Nowadays, i seldom see him at home. He is very busy driving to earn money for our family. But this few days he really do not need to work hard because me and my 1st and 2nd brother go edusave. But, my mom is not quite happy because my 3rd brother did not get it. But it's alright because for the first time, we 3 sibling got edusave together... Btw, Amira, my best friend did not get it. The last time she got it was when we were Primary 2. Although she have tuition, she is still lower than me and Astrinka. Next year, Amira really need to focus more on her mathematics... Btw, Congratulations to all who got it...

Monday, 21 November 2011

About My Trip In 2 days' time

                 Well, in 2 days' time, i'll be on the plane for the very 1st time. I'm gonna fly on the plane to Jakarta, Indonesia. I think so i'm gonna have plane sickness perhaps. Btw, guess who's going with my family? It's my whole mothers cousins! Wonder how it's like up in the sky with the familiar person in my life... I really can't wait. I've been counting all these days... since the 1st of November 2011.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Monday, 14 November 2011

Class P6

                Yeh... my final class is Noble 6.  But, none of my friends are in that class. Most of them are my P3 and P4 friends. But, do you know who is in that class? Guess who is it? Yes, it is the person i truly love. Yes, so next year I'm gonna see him all day long. But, you knoe what? He most of the time just keep on asking me what am i doing and others. But i like hime because of his kind attitude.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

About My Next Year's Class... 2012

             Well, so far as i know, my class for P6, 2012 will be Noble 6. It is the best class. But this is not final yet. If the class has to many girls or more boys, some people will have to go other classes. Well, now just waiting for my report book. Tmrw, my teacher will reveal the classes. Well, so far, only one of friend goes to the worst class, Peace 6. She is truly upset she went last. But among the people in the class, she is the cleverest. So, i told her to cheer up. Well, after getting the report book, i will wait for me getting scholarship or edusave. Well, i guess i at least will get edusave for the 5th time.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

School Today...

             Well now examinations are over, we actually do not need to do any work. But soon, i'm gonna take my PSLE. But first, do you think i could get scholarship or edusave at least? Look at my marks for all the SA2 papers, excluding my orals and stuffs:

English: 47/95  ( FAIL)
Malay: 76/90  ( i don't know what position)
Mathematics: 77/100  (3rd in position in my maths class, Kindness. But if in my normal class, 1st place)
Science:  73 1/2  over 100 ( 1s in class)

Hope can get any of them... 

Monday, 7 November 2011

The person i truly loved...

          I truly love this guy. He's in my school, North Spring Primary School. He is actually an Australian. He came to my school when we were Primary 3. I can't actually say out his name cause maybe he might see my blog. Every single time i look at him, my love towards him started to increase.